Come to connect, but not to conquer.
Come to respond, but not to require.
Come to sense, but not to stare.
Come to find, but not to leave
a trace.

Our vision of a treehouse is a construction that allows us to immerse into the unique aura of the treetop while the only physical impact of our appearance is a soft and friendly touch of its branches.
We decided to design an airship, which hovers in the trees to offer the magnificent experience of sleeping high above the ground in the treetops without harming the natural environment. The Module can be placed literally anywhere and fits inside the castle ruins as well as in the open field or in the forest.
The construction is designed to be as lightweight as possible with a focus on sustainable materials. The structural cage is made from laminated veneer lumber and forms a dodecahedron to maximize volume and minimize the surface area. Due to the high symmetry of the dodecahedron it can easily be combined to bigger structures. The exterior shell is made from insulated polycarbonate windows and insulated plywood panels. The Roof is openable to dive even deeper into the surrounding. The balloon membrane is fully transparent and consists of multiple helium filled chambers, to ensure safety even if it might lose pressure. It is tied to structural cage with ultralight Kevlar-ropes. The chambers adopt the dodecahedric form of the cabin to keep the Volume as low as possible. 
The airship it is winched to the ground and can be accessed through a trapdoor and a built-in ladder from below.
Like a dewdrop, the construction is nestled between the branches. However, without holding on and without leaving any trace the airship will leave when it is time to do so.
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