Heidjoechl Hills is a modern urbanistic development that innovatively bridges the gap on a very heterogenous site located in Viennas 22nd district. Interconnecting and combining high rise developments, a tram line, motorway, pedestrian bridge and low rise settlements, the diversely grained masterplan was carefully adapted to its environment. Employing green urban strategies and covering minimal ground with buildings, our proposal for Heidjoechl creates open parkscapes that are shared between residents and visitors alike. Through careful integration of rainwater management in the form of retention basins, strategic green areas and marshlands in combination with green roofs, the city not only becomes greener but benefits from evaporative cooling throughout the hotter months. Lastly - linking to the areas roots in agriculture - we aim to provide a proving ground for the concept of an "edible city", where people can make use of urban greenery, live within an extensive greenspace and participate in urban farming. Through laying the foundations of such a concept, we want to encourage residents to actively participate in making Heidjoechl their own green oasis.
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